This Privacy Policy is here to outline your rights and the uses of your information within this website under the obligations and terms of the Privacy Act 1988.
Personal Information Collected
Personal Information is information about you, the user. The Melbourne Chamber Orchestra (MCO) has the right to collect personal information about you such as your Name, Address, Contact Number & Details or any previous dealings or workings with the MCO.
How this information is collected
The previously listed information may be gathered by means of:

  • ticket transactions
  • subscription services (renewal or new signup)
  • phone calling
  • SMS
  • or information provided by third party agencies affiliated with the MCO. (e.g. Ticketmaster, Ticketek, Try Booking. Melbourne Recital Centre, Federation Square)
  • interactions on our websites

Accuracy of Stored Information
We will take reasonable steps to ensure that information is up to date and complete. If you would like to update this information yourself, please directly contact the MCO either via phone on (03) 9119 1599 or through email.
Purposes for the Handling and Disclosure of Collected Information
Except as specified in this policy, MCO will not sell, share or rent out any of your personal information.
Information may be used for but is not limited to:

  • Future interactions
  • Carrying out of transactions
  • Assessing for the eligibility of programs run by the MCO
  • The seeking of donations or sponsorship for the MCO
  • Any purpose that requires your information for a legal use
  • Any purpose in which you have consented the use of your information


Sharing and disclosure of information may include but is not limited to:

  • persons acting on your behalf
  • collaborators and venues, for example in case of a co-presentation
  • enforcement authorities and government agencies
  • service providers, including mailing houses and IT providers
  • professional advisors including legal, financial and auditors


Use of remarketing information
MCO utilises remarketing pixels on its website to identify visitor actions and offer customised advertising through online platforms, including Google and Facebook. MCO does not personally identify you or your actions based on these pixels.
There are various ways to adjust the advertising you receive from these services. The following sites allow you to modify your preferences:


Security of Information
Because of the nature of digital services, in the course of our business it is necessary to disclose details to service providers with facilities outside Australia and to store information on servers outside Australia.
Our local server is accessed with industry standard levels of security. MCO engages professional IT management services to ensure that our security arrangements on this server are appropriate.
Our database server is in the United States of America and is accessed over a secure connection with industry standard levels of security. Our database provider is one of the most reputable CRM providers in the world and operates with appropriate levels of data security.
Our email server operates with primary servers in the United States of America and elsewhere. It is one of the largest providers of email in the world and operates with appropriate levels of data security.
When storing customer information overseas or locally, MCO has protocols to ensure that, where possible, customer information is not stored insecurely. Where information is delivered to MCO insecurely, we cannot guarantee that your information will be secure.
Questions, opting out and contact
If you have any queries, wish to update your contact details, or wish to opt out of mail and email communications, please contact MCO:
Telephone us
(03) 9119 1599
Email us

Mail us
Suite 31 Fawkner Towers
431 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004
Other Websites
The MCO is not responsible for any problem, accident or introduction of foreign software, malware or virus’ onto your or mobile device in the event of any of these events occurring through the link of another website.

*Current August 2021