Towards Eternity

A project curated by Genevieve Lacey


Towards Eternity is a musical meditation spanning a millennium: a soulful, joyful tracing of our most ineffable selves. It reveals secrets, yearnings, rapture and ecstasy. Deep listening invites a sense of timelessness. Music creates passageways both out of our earthly state, and into our most human longings.


“… Genevieve Lacey shows just how it is done – beautiful sound, clear pitch and a musical intelligence that is unswerving…”
— The Australian

Towards Eternity is supported by City of Melbourne Arts Grants.


Explore & Discover

Genevieve Lacey
Books & Arts: The wonders of the recorder

Genevieve speaks with Michael Cathcart about the wonders of the recorder ahead of her performances in Towards Eternity.

Lacey on Music in Melbourne

Sascha Kelly speaks to Genevieve Lacey about how she curates a project like Towards Eternity.

genevieve lacey
Genevieve Lacey with Robin Usher

Genevieve Lacey speaks with music journalist Robin Usher about her relationship with music past and present, and her collaborative ethos.

Concert Notes: Towards Eternity

Read the program notes for Towards Eternity and understand more of the background to the music in this extraordinary performance.

Explore the music on Spotify

Curious about the music we’ll be playing in Towards Eternity? We’ve put together a Spotify playlist with selected music. Have a listen! (Free Spotify account required.)

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