Salon Sessions 1: Schubert Octet

Unforgettable close encounters with chamber music

In 2017, MCO introduced a unique way to experience chamber music with the Salon Sessions. We wanted to create nothing less than create the perfect experience of chamber music: the greatest music with the finest artists in exquisite proximity. The atmosphere in our first year was electric and we invite you to join us for these very special chamber music events in 2018.

About the MCO Salon Sessions

Even Closer
Witness icons of chamber music in the perfect acoustic of the Salon at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Evoking an exclusive private performance, just 65 guests will experience seminal works of chamber music performed by Australia’s finest musicians.

Food & Wine Experience
Enjoy gourmet canapés and premium wines by MCO partner Narkoojee before and after the performance.

Pre-Concert Briefing
Learn more about the background to the music with a pre-concert briefing.

Meet the Artists
Meet and talk with the musicians at the post-concert function.

Salon Session #1: Schubert Octet
Join eight incredible chamber musicians for an hour in the thrall of Schubert’s Octet. Written for the unusual combination of five strings, clarinet, bassoon and horn, this is chamber music conceived at the most ambitious scale, rewarding audiences with both its awe-inspiring architecture and profound details.

Intimate and intricate, sublime and subtle, Schubert’s Octet demands to be heard up close. Relish every vivid detail of this masterpiece, performed in the round with incredible proximity to the musicians.

Australian Octet also performs a full-length concert including this Octet in the Melbourne Recital Centre’s Elisabeth Murdoch Hall on 22 April and in Daylesford on 21 April.


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Musician’s View

We asked Emma Sullivan, who plays double bass with MCO, for her thoughts on our upcoming Schubert Octet program.

Explore the music on Spotify

Curious about the music we’ll be playing in Salon Sessions 1: Schubert Octet? We’ve put together a Spotify playlist with selected music. Have a listen! (Free Spotify account required.)