MELBOURNE Thu 24/03/22 7:00PM Athenaeum Studio 2 (ADCH)

Online Thu 24/03/22 7:00PM Australian Digital Concert Hall

Tickets $20–$24

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MERIMBULA Fri 25/03/22 7:30PM Twyford Hall

Mallacoota Sat 26/03/22 2:30PM Mallacoota Golf Club

To hear Beethoven’s early works is to understand what the fuss is about. Beethoven’s first-numbered quartet is no timid sophomore effort: it instantly announces the composer’s right to a place in the Pantheon of quartet composers.

Against the ambition and ardour of the younger Beethoven, we set the mature artistry of Haydn, whose 80-odd quartets established the genre. Haydn’s first Opus 71 quartet brings us effortless charm and musical mischief. Violinist Alexandra Osborne joins musicians of MCO for this performance.

Josef HAYDN String Quartet in B flat major Op 71 No 1
Frank MARTIN Larghetto
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN String Quartet in F major Op 18 No 1