Melbourne Chamber Orchestra & Australian Tapestry Workshop


The Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne is a true gem of the arts in Melbourne. The dedicated weaving and dyeing team meticulously create works of extraordinary vibrancy and technical accomplishment, which hang in significant public and private collections both nationally and internationally.

In this beautiful light-filled Victorian era space with the ATW’s work as a backdrop, leading Melbourne cellist Michael Dahlenburg will perform Bach’s Cello Suite No 3 in C major for an intimate audience of no more than 25 people. Session includes a brief tour of the Australian Tapestry workshop, performance in the workshop’s main space, and refreshments with the musician post-performance.

JS BACH Cello Suite No 3 in C major


Sat 13/04/19 1:00PM Australian Tapestry Workshop
Sat 13/04/19 2:15PM Australian Tapestry Workshop

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