Beyond Baroque

From an unrivalled musical pedigree and education, JS Bach’s sons blazed a revolutionary path. With Telemann and others, they were the avant-garde forging a new style. Combining awe-inspiring virtuosity, deep feeling, and brilliant colours, this is the music that inspired the Classical era. Rarely heard today, these are some of the most exciting and inventive compositions for chamber orchestra and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Christopher Moore is one of Australia’s most recognised chamber musicians, a viola superstar whose verve and mastery of the instrument has seen him perform for audiences all over the world. He performs the great Telemann viola concerto, often thought to be the first solo concerto for the instrument, and a meticulous reconstruction of a lost viola concerto from JS Bach’s own transcriptions.


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Chris Moore
Interview: Christopher Moore

We caught up with our Beyond Baroque soloist about the Baroque, gut strings, and viola jokes.

In the orchestra

Meet Helen Ireland, one of the orchestral violists in Beyond Baroque.

Explore the music on Spotify

Curious about the music we’ll be playing in Beyond Baroque? We’ve put together a Spotify playlist with selected music. Have a listen! (Free Spotify account required.)

Concert Notes: Beyond Baroque

Read the program notes for Beyond Baroque and understand more of the background to the music in this concert.

Raw vision: Telemann Viola Concerto

Watch MCO with Christopher Moore perform a movement from this beautiful Baroque concerto.

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